how to decorate a glass coffee table

Decorating a Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables are an attractive and stylish way to add decor to a living room. They offer a modern design and can pair well with other materials present in the room––such as wood, metal, and marble. When decorating a glass coffee table, there are some important tips to consider. Read on to learn the best ways to decorate your glass coffee table.

Try Different Textures and Colors

Glass is already a luxurious and beautiful material, but by applying different textures and colors you can usually achieve the desired effect. For example, placing a bright silk cushion or a light cream blanket on a coffee table will create a contemporary and modern look. You can also add texture by placing items with different textures on the coffee table, such as carpets, plants, or lava stones.

Choose the Right Accessories

When it comes to selecting accessories to decorate your coffee table with, it’s important to think if the size and scale of the items you are using are appropriate for the table. Accessories should be used to create a balance between the table and the rest of the room. Placing too many large items on a small coffee table can look cluttered and messy. Make sure to choose items that are the right size and scale to match the size of your table.

Select Coordinating Items

It is important to choose items that go together while decorating your coffee table. For example, if you select a rug with colors in green and blue, be sure to select items with similar colors to match. You can also use items with patterns that complement each other to create a cohesive look.

Play with Height

Creating different height levels when decorating a glass coffee table is a great way to give the area a finished look. You can achieve this by placing stackable books or a few vases with flowers. This will create visual interest and add a charming and luxurious touch to your coffee table.

Have Fun

Above all, when planning to decorate your glass coffee table, don’t forget to have fun! Choose a style that reflects your personality and play around with colors and textures.


  • Try Different Textures and Colors – Decorating your glass coffee table with textured items and colors will create a modern, trendy look.
  • Choose the Right Accessories – Select items with the right size and scale for your coffee table to avoid clutter.
  • Select Coordinating Items – Choose accessories with colors or patterns that complement each other for a cohesive design.
  • Play with Height – Different levels of items on the coffee table will create visual interest and a finished look.
  • Have Fun! – Most importantly, choose items that reflect your personality and have fun with the design.

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