how to decorate a glass coffee taable

How to Decorate a Glass Coffee Table

Many people have their eyes set on glass coffee tables because of their chic and modern look. Despite of the glossy finish, glass can easily look plain and unappealing. If you’d like to boost your glass coffee table’s look, here are several ideas that you can adopt:

1. Add a Table Tray

A table tray is an easy way to dress up your glass table and add character. A tray can also serve as storage for your coasters, books, magazines, remotes and the like. Place a patterned tray at the center of the table and you’ll instantly have an interesting look.

2. Add Plants

Glass tables are perfect elements to set off the vibrant colors and hues of plants. Place a potted plant at the center of the table or arrange several small succulents around it. Greens are sure to enliven and bring life to your living room.

3. Add Home Decor Items

Items like sculptures and antiques can easily be placed at the center of the table.

  • Place a small sculpture on the center or arrange several small to medium sized ones for an array of colors and texture.
  • Put an antique piece like an old book or vase to bring that classic style.
  • Small trinkets and candles can also lend a unique style.

4. Use a Table Cloth

Table cloths come in various prints and styles, from solid colors to intricate patterns. Table cloths also hide chips and smear on the table surface. Choose a bold and colorful style for a table cloth for an added glamour. Not only that, but you can also use the cloth as protection against unintentional droplets and spills.

5. Paint the Edges

If you’d like to customize the look of your table, you can do so by painting the edges. To spice things up you can either keep the color consistent with other elements in your living room or opt for an eye-catching complementary color or pattern.

Decorating your glass coffee table doesn’t have to be complicated. Utilize these ways and you’re sure to have an interesting and beautiful glass coffee table that will be the envy of many.

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