how to decorate a glass coffee taable

Decorating a Glass Coffee Table

Adding décor around a glass coffee table can be a fun project and can also be a great way to warm up a living room space. Here are some tips for decorating a glass coffee table that are both stylish and practical.

Choose a Color Scheme

The items chosen for the décor should stick to a color scheme. This doesn’t necessarily need to be one color but should look unified. Some ideas for coordinating colors are:

  • Neutrals – White, tan, cream, and similar shades are great for any living room style.
  • Earthy Hues – Shades of green, brown, and pink can be calming and inviting.
  • Bold Colors – Use a few items in bright colors to make a bold statement.

Create Height Varying Items

Items varying in height give a space more depth and draw the eye towards the top and bottom of a table. The décor should include low-profile items like coasters, tablemats, and trays as well as taller items such as a greenery arrangement or a table lamp.

Add Greenery

Greenery can help soften the look of a room, and adding a few plants around the coffee table is a great way to give the space a homey feel. Choose natural foliage or a colorful plant to match the color scheme.

Pick Accessories

To make the décor look warm and inviting, choose some small accessories for the coffee table. These could be a few coffee table books or magazines, a table statue, votive candles, a sculpture, or an art piece.

Don’t Overdo it

It can be tempting to go overboard when decorating, but it’s important to be mindful of how much décor is on the table. Too many pieces can make the table look cluttered and overpower the look of a room.

By following these tips, the coffee table will be decorated in a stylish and sophisticated way. With thoughtful additions and coordinating colors, the coffee table can be a beautiful centerpiece for any living room.

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