how to decorate a coastal coffee table

How to Decorate a Coastal Coffee Table

Coastal interior designs are becoming increasingly popular, exuding a calming and serene atmosphere that makes any home or space feel inviting. To complete your coastal inspired décor, adding an eye-catching coffee table to your living or family room can be a great addition. Here are some tips on how to decorate a coastal coffee table:

Select the Right Coffee Table

The process of decorating a coastal coffee table starts with choosing the right piece. Enhance your space with a classic round or oval coffee table with smooth curves and a glass top, as well as rustic wooden and rattan frames, that complement the look and feel of the room.

Pick the Right Accessories

For a coastal space, the right accessories can make the difference. Look for items like handmade baskets, seaside inspired candles, coral sculptures and textured table linens. Choose different sizes and vary on heights to create balance and depth.

A Splash of Colour

Incorporate a few vibrant items to add a splash of colour to your coastal coffee table. Add a vibrant or patterned table runner and some cheerful pillows to draw attention to the space and make it look inviting.

Finish with Function

When decorating a coffee table, try to achieve a balance of both beauty and practicality. Add a tray to hold remotes, books, magazines and other items that come in handy. This way, you’ll make sure everything is organised and your coffee table always looks great!

The possibilities are endless when you decorate a coastal coffee table. With these tips you’ll be able to create the perfect atmosphere to your room and enjoy your surroundings even more.

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