how to decorate a circular coffee table

How to Decorate a Circular Coffee Table

A circular coffee table can provide an interesting aesthetic to an otherwise traditional environment. With the right accessories and decorations, a circular coffee table can stand out and show off your unique style. Here are some tips and tricks to decorating your circular coffee table:

Make use of the shape

Since the beauty of a circular coffee table lies in it’s shape, make sure to use elements that will enhance that shape. Uneven pieces or groupings of items that fit in the round perimeter look best.

Play with color

For a truly eye-catching look choose items that come in different colors and tones. This will draw the eye around the room and pay attention to your table.

Choose appropriate accessories

When it comes to finding items to decorate with, consider what you usually use your table for. You could opt for larger decorative items such as vases and sculptures or smaller items like lamps and figurines.

Focus on the center of the table

The center of the table is often the first area that the eye is drawn to. Place something interesting such as a bowl of fresh fruit or floral arrangement here to really draw attention.

Choose items of different heights

To create an interesting display, place items of different heights on the table. This will create an overall effect of dimension and texture.

Keep it simple

When it comes to decorating, less is often more. To avoid cluttering up the table, select a few carefully chosen large items and arrange them in an attractive fashion.

Final Tips:

  • Group items – Place items in groups of three or five to create a better balance and flow.
  • Light it up – Place a decorative lamp on the table to draw attention to it.
  • Bring in nature – Place some plants or flowers on the table to create a nature-inspired vibe.

Following these tips and tricks you’ll be sure to give your round coffee table some beautiful character. With your own special touches mixed with these decorating tips, you’re sure to find the perfect combination for your living space.

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