how to decorate a big square coffee table

Decorating a Big Square Coffee Table

Having a big square coffee table in the living room can be quite a challenge when it comes to decorating it. If done correctly, it can be a great focal point in the room and bring a lot of character. Here are some tips on how to best decorate a big square coffee table.

What to Place on the Coffee Table

When selecting items to place on the coffee table, start with the basics. Stack a few books on top of each other, in either a straight pile or pile them in a triangular shape. It adds both texture and brings life to the table.

If there’s enough space, add some decorative items. A potted succulent makes for a simple, but great piece that fits cozily in any corner. If your coffee table allows for more space, place a unique vase with a few dried wheatgrass or eucalyptus. It will give the room a natural feel.

Matching Colors

To bring a cohesive look to the coffee table, match items to the color of your table. Choose items that match the legs or items that match with the overall shade of the table.

If the table is plain and doesn’t have any coloring, adding a textured table runner or decorative throw will tie everything together. It will bring warmth to the table as well.

Table Accessories

To top off the coffee table, accessorize!

  • Tray: A tray is a great way to add structure to the table. Use it to keep the items together in one spot and keep everything in one place.
  • Candles: Place several candles on the table to add a warmer and more inviting feel. Try to match the type of decoration and color of the candles with the furnishings of the room.
  • Decorative Bowl: Place a small bowl with colorful candy, decorative pebbles, or glass beads for an eye catching display.

By following these tips, you can easily dress up and decorate your big square coffee table. The table will be a great conversation starter and be the perfect centrepiece of the room.

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