how to cut glass coffee pot

Cutting a Glass Coffee Pot: A Guide

Cutting a glass coffee pot may seem daunting, but with the right precautions and materials, it’s really quite straightforward. You’ll need:

  • A glass-cutting tool or a glass cutter
  • Safety gloves and safety glasses
  • Masking tape
  • Cotton twine

Step 1: Mark Where You Want to Cut

Making sure you’re wearing your safety gloves and glasses, hold the glass coffee pot in your hand. Use the masking tape to outline where you will be cutting. You don’t need a lot of tape—just enough to make the outline of the cut visible.

Step 2: Make a Tension Ring

Once the cutline is marked, use the cotton twine to create a tension ring around the base of the glass. Make sure that the ring is tight but doesn’t put too much pressure on the glass.

Step 3: Cut the Glass

At this point, you’ll be using the glass-cutting tool or the glass cutter. Taking into account the tension ring, make sure the blade is pressed firmly against the glass, along the tape line. Make sure you’re cutting with a slow, steady motion. That way, the cut will be even and the glass won’t break.

Step 4: Separate the Pieces

Once you’ve made your cut all the way around the glass, use your safety gloves and the tension ring to gently separate the pieces. Make sure you’re wearing your safety glasses in case the glass pieces break apart.

Final Step: Clean Up the Cut

The last step is to use sandpaper to smooth out the cut piece. You don’t need to use a lot of pressure; just go over it a few times until you have a smooth edge.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully cut your glass coffee pot.

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