how to cut a glass coffee pot

How to Cut a Glass Coffee Pot

Glass coffee pots make an attractive way to serve coffee in many homes. If you want to customize your coffee pot for a special occasion, you will need to be able to safely and properly cut glass. With the right tools and some creativity, you can create a beautiful coffee pot your guests will talk about for years.

Tools Needed

Before you begin cutting your glass coffee pot, it’s important to know what tools you will need:

  • Glass Cutter – A glass cutter is a handheld tool with a hard steel wheel that is used to score glass to be cut.
  • Safety Glasses – It is important to protect your eyes when cutting glass. Always wear safety glasses and never look directly at the glass while cutting.
  • Smoothing Stone – Start with a high quality stone, diamond burr or sand variant to cushion the glass pot.
  • Adhesive Tape – Masking tape or duct tape can be used to provide reinforcement and protect the glass.


  1. Regardless of the design you choose, measure, score and cut the glass. When measuring and cutting, it is best to move slowly as glass can easily be chipped or cracked. Mark your design on the glass with a permanent marker so you can easily see where you need to cut.
  2. Secure the glass with adhesive tape. You can reinforce and protect the edges with adhesive tape so that glass does not break. Also, position the tape where you don’t want marks from the glass cutter.
  3. Score the glass several times on the marked lines with a glass cutter. Using a glass cutter on the same exact spot several times increases the chances of making a clean, even break.
  4. Apply gentle pressure to the glass to make the break. Make sure you break the glass along the line previously scored. Do not apply too much pressure or the glass may break prematurely, resulting in an uneven edge.
  5. Smooth out any sharp edges with a smoothing stone. Once you are finished, you can use a stone to smooth out any sharp edges and make your customized coffee pot look polished.


Cutting glass is an art and with practice, it can be mastered. Keep in mind, glass cutting can be dangerous if the proper tools and techniques are not used. Always be sure to wear safety glasses and use caution when handling glass. Following these steps, you can safely and properly cut a glass coffee pot.

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