how to craft using a glass coffee bowl

How to Craft with a Glass Coffee Bowl

Glass coffee bowls make a great crafting material! From mosaic flower pots to terrariums, here are some awesome craft ideas that can be made out of a glass coffee bowl.

Mosaic Flower Pot

  • Materials: glass bowl, epoxy cement, tile, grout, sealer
  • Instructions:
    • Arrange the tiles onto to the bowl as desired.
    • Allow it to dry according to directions on the epoxy cement.
    • Mix the grout by following instructions on the package.
    • Apply the grout to the tile, and spread it evenly.
    • Allow the grout to dry for about 24 hours.
    • Apply the sealer to the grout by following directions.
    • Finish off the flower pot with some artificial or fresh flowers.


  • Materials: glass bowl, small stones, activated charcoal, potting soil, moss, small plants (such as succulents)
  • Instructions:
    • Start off by layering the stones and charcoal in the bottom of the bowl.
    • Layer the potting soil over the stones and charcoal.
    • Add moss over the soil.
    • Place the plants into the soil, and press down gently.
    • Water the terrarium lightly.
    • Place the terrarium in a bright, indirect sunlight spot.

Making crafts with a glass coffee bowl is a fun and creative way to upcycle something for a new purpose. Be sure to use safety precautions, such as safety glasses and gloves when crafting to ensure safety. Enjoy crafting with a glass coffee bowl!

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