how to cover glass coffee table

Covering a Glass Coffee Table

Glass furniture is an attractive addition to many homes, but it can be difficult to protect it from everyday wear and tear. If you have a glass coffee table, you’ll want to keep it looking its best for years to come and it can be a challenge to keep it looking pristine. Here’s how to cover a glass coffee table and keep it looking like new.

1. Invest in Protective Covers

The simplest way to cover your glass coffee table is to invest in protective covers. These covers can be specially designed to fit over the top of your glass coffee table and protect it from scratches, dust, and other damage. The best covers are made from thick, durable materials like vinyl, leather, or other fabrics, and they can be easy to remove and clean.

2. Use Tablecloths and Doilies

If you don’t want to invest in protective covers, you can also use items such as tablecloths or doilies to give your coffee table some extra protection. Tablecloths and doilies are perfect for decorating a glass coffee table, and they will also help protect it from any spills or marks. Make sure that you choose items that are made from quality materials and that they fit your glass coffee table properly.

3. Place Felt Pads Under Items

To reduce the risk of scratching your glass coffee table, you can place felt pads under any items that will be placed on it. Felt pads are available in many hardware stores and home improvement stores and they can be placed underneath light items such as books or magazines. This will help to reduce the risk of scratching the glass surface and keep your coffee table looking its best.

4. Use Caution When Moving the Table

When you need to move your glass coffee table, always take extra care to ensure that it is moved correctly. Use a cloth to protect the top of the table and ensure that any heavy items are secure. When carrying the table, always use two people and make sure that you are both supporting the table so that it doesn’t slip or become damaged.

5. Clean Regularly

It’s important to clean your glass coffee table regularly to ensure that it stays looking its best. You should dust the table regularly and use a glass cleaner to remove any smudges or dirt. Always use a lint-free cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner to avoid scratching the glass.


Covering a glass coffee table can be a challenge, but with a little know-how you can keep it looking its best. Invest in protective covers, use tablecloths and doilies, and place felt pads underneath items placed on the table. When you need to move the table, make sure to use two people and use caution. Finally, clean the glass regularly to keep it looking its best.

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