how to cover glass coffee table

Covering a Glass Coffee Table – A Comprehensive Guide

Glass coffee tables are stylish and beautiful but can be difficult to work with when you want to give the room a new look. Whether you are trying to protect the glass table from spills, dust, or just to change up the aesthetics of the room, covering has a variety of solutions.

Why Cover the Glass Coffee Table?

Besides giving the living room a refreshed look, here are a few reasons why many opt to cover their glass coffee table:

  • Protection from dirt, scratches, and spills
  • Privacy and avoiding unwanted reflection (especially if your table is near a window)
  • Enrich and customize your home’s look

Materials for Covering the Glass Table

When it comes to covering the glass, think about the end goal – do you want protection? Viewing privacy? Style?

  • Fabrics – Cotton and velvet fabric can easily be used to cover the entire glass table or as a pattern to decorate the glass. Go with fabrics that have dramatic colors and patterns to add a touch of warmth and character while protecting the surface.
  • Tablecloths – In the same way that fabric can give the glass table a softer look, tablecloths with an interesting pattern could also be used to decorate your glass coffee table, more specifically, if you are looking for a solution that is easier to take on-and-off.
  • Painting – With the right paint, you can give the glass coffee table a new look, even without having to remove it from your room. There are different types of paints specially made for the glass, but it is best to check the product’s manufacturer’s instructions to see if your table needs a primer or a special type of primer.
    • How to Cover the Glass Coffee Table Properly

      Covering a glass tabletop isn’t difficult – with the right material, you can transform the look of your glass coffee table quickly. However, remember to take the following considerations into account:

      • Measure the surface area of the glass coffee table.
      • Choose a material that is right for your living room’s décor and the type of coverage you need.
      • Check the material’s temperature sensitivity and the likelihood of the glass table etching it.
      • If you are going with fabric, opt for cotton or velvet materials.
      • Choose a safe material if you have children or pets at home.
      • Make sure that the glass surface is dry and clean before you apply the covering to avoid air bubbles.

      In conclusion, adding a cover to your glass coffee table is a quick and easy way to detail a space and provide additional protection. Use the guide above to achieve a professional job in no time.

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