how to cover glass coffee table

Instructions For Covering a Glass Coffee Table

A glass coffee table may look sleek and contemporary, however, glass is easily scratched, cracked and covered with unsightly fingerprints. Surprisingly, there are numerous ways you can cover a glass coffee table to protect it and add that special touch to your living space simultaneously.


  • Gather Supplies: You will need a large piece of fabric, scissors, a staple gun, glue gun and glue sticks.
  • Remove the Table Top: If possible, you can opt to remove the top of a glass coffee table if safe to do so, as this will make fabric application easier. Be careful to not break the existing glass as you lift off.
  • Measure & Cut Fabric: Measure and cut the fabric so that there is 2-3 inches extra on each side to wrap over the edges.
  • Hem the Edges: Fold one side of the fabric over so that no frayed edges are exposed and use the glue gun to secure it. Repeat this with the other sides.

Installing the Covering

  • Staple the Fabric: Begin stapling the material to the underside of table. Be sure to staple every couple of inches.
  • Secure the Corners: After the fabric is securely attached at the corners, take an excess piece of fabric and tuck it in, securing it with a staple. This will give the table a neat, finished look.
  • Replace the Table-Top: If the glass was previously removed, replace it, taking care to replace screws if necessary.

By following the steps above, your glass coffee table should have a new and stylish covering that provides protection. Be sure to check your fabric and gloves occasionally to ensure they are still in good condition. Enjoy your refreshed living space!

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