how to cover glass coffee table

How to Cover a Glass Coffee Table

A glass coffee table is a popular furniture piece which can add a modern style to any home or office. While it provides a useful surface, it can also be quite exposed and without much protection. To protect your glass coffee table and give it an elegant new look, we have put together the steps below to show you how to cover it.


  • Measure Your Table – First, you’ll need to measure the width, length and depth of your glass coffee table. Be as precise as you can to ensure the cover you purchase fits properly.
  • Choose a Cover – Now that you have the measurements for your table, you can go ahead and find a suitable cover. Your cover can be made of any fabric you want and come in any color or pattern, so you can make this coffee table cover match the rest of your decor.
  • Sew Custom Seams – Depending on the size and shape of your table, you might have to sew some custom seams to make sure the cover fits perfectly. You can use a sewing machine to get this done quickly.
  • Put It On – Once your cover has been tailored to fit your glass coffee table, simply slide it over the top and make sure it is secure.


  • Make sure to use a fabric that won’t easily fray or rip so your cover lasts longer.
  • When measuring, remember to factor in the thickness of the glass when taking the depth.
  • If you’re not confident in your sewing skills, then you can use adhesive hem tape to securely attach the cover to the glass instead.
  • For more protection, you can layer up the cover with some fabric padding.


Covering a glass coffee table with a tailored fabric cover can give it an elegant look and protect it from damage. You’ll need to measure your table and select a suitable fabric, and then you can sew the cover or use adhesive hem tape to attach it. With all of the color and pattern options available, you can make your glass coffee table unique to you, and it’s a great way to add to the decor of your home.

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