how to clean water stains off glass coffee pot

How to Clean Water Stains off of a Glass Coffee Pot

Keeping your glass coffee pot clean can be simple with a few effective cleaning tips and some household ingredients. Water stains on a glass coffee pot can be easily removed with the following steps.

What You Need

  • Dish soap
  • Scrubber/brush
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar


  • Soak the pot in hot soapy water. Fill a sink or large bowl with hot water, add a squirt of dish soap, and let the glass coffee pot sit in the hot soapy solution for a few minutes to help break up the water stains.
  • Use a scrubber or brush to scrub away the water stains. Using a scrubber or brush, gently scrub the glass surface to help loosen any dirt or residue attached to the stains.
  • Create a baking-soda paste. Mix equal parts baking soda and water to form a thick paste. Apply the paste to the water stains using a circular motion. Allow the paste to sit for a few minutes before wiping it off with a damp cloth.
  • Spray the exterior of the pot with vinegar. Use a spray bottle filled with white vinegar to spray the exterior of the coffee pot. Allow the vinegar to sit on the stains for a few minutes before wiping it away with a damp cloth. Repeat as needed.
  • Rinse the coffee pot. Rinse the coffee pot with warm water and allow it to air dry before using it again.

These simple steps will help you keep your glass coffee pot looking like new. With regular cleaning you can keep water stains off of your coffee pot and ensure that it looks and works as good as new.

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