how to clean the outside of a glass coffee pot

How to Clean the Outside of a Glass Coffee Pot

Cleaning the outside of a glass coffee pot is an important way to maintain the life and longevity of the pot. Fortunately, with a few cleaning supplies and techniques, your coffee pot will be looking good as new in no time.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Soft Rag
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Soap and Water


  1. Mix a small amount of rubbing alcohol into a bowl or cup.
  2. Dip a soft rag into the rubbing alcohol and thoroughly rub the rag across the outside of the glass pot.
  3. Rinsing a microfiber cloth under warm running water, and if necessary add a small amount of dish soap.
  4. Rub the outside of the pot with the cloth starting at the top and working your way down the sides of the pot.
  5. Rinse the outside of the pot with warm running water to remove any leftover dirt or grime.
  6. Allow the coffee pot to air dry before using or storing it.

This cleaning routine should be done at least once every couple of months to help preserve the life of your glass coffee pot. If using other cleaning agents, always read their labels to make sure it is safe for the glass material. Also remove all doors, drawers, and shelves before starting the cleaning process for a more thorough cleaning.

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