how to clean the bunn glass coffee pot

Keeping Your Bunn Glass Coffee Pot Clean

Coffee lovers everywhere rely on their Bunn glass coffee pot to give them a delicious cup of joe every morning. Keeping it clean can help it function at its best for years of enjoyment. Here’s a few tips on how to clean your Bunn glass coffee pot:

Daily Routine

  • Unplug the entire unit from the wall.
  • Remove the pot from the warmer.
  • Empty the grounds from the filter basket.
  • Rinse the pot and filter basket in warm water.
  • Do not run water directly onto the warmer, as this will damage the unit.

Weekly Deep Clean

  • Remove the Funnel, Funnel Cover, and Sprayerhead from the pot.
  • Clean each piece with warm soapy water or run through the top shelf of your dishwasher.
  • Use a bottle brush or pipe cleaner to clean the spout of the coffee pot.
  • Run a solution of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water through the pot.
  • Repeat as needed until there are no signs of coffee residue on the components.
  • Do not run the vinegar solution through the warmer.

By carrying out this simple yet effective maintenance routine for your Bunn glass coffee pot, you can ensure the taste of your morning cup of coffee for years to come.

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