how to clean glass coffee table

How to Clean a Glass Coffee Table

Gather Materials

  • Glass cleaner
  • Clean cloth or paper towel
  • Window squeegee
  • Optional: warm water and mild soap in a spray bottle

Spray Glass Cleaner

Spray the glass cleaner liberally over the entire table, including the legs of the table as dust and dirt can accumulate here.

Spread and Wipe

Spread the cleaner evenly across the table with a clean cloth or paper towel. Wipe the table in a circular motion to make sure you get into any nooks and crannies that have dirt or grime.


For a streak-free finish, use a window squeegee to remove any excess cleaner and dry the table. Start at the top of the table and move in one direction. Check that all areas of the table are clean and if necessary, spray some more glass cleaner and continue the process until the entire coffee table is clean.


Replace any decor that you have taken off the coffee table, and your glass coffee table will sparkle like new.

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