how to clean glass coffee pot with small openings

How to Clean a Glass Coffee Pot with Small Openings

No matter the type of coffee maker you have, it’s important to regularly clean it to ensure that only the freshest and most delicious flavors come through in your morning cup of joe. But many glass carafes have very small openings, making it difficult to get your hand or any type of brush in to give it a proper scrub. If you’re wondering how to clean a glass coffee pot with small openings, continue reading for a few helpful tips!

Steps for Cleaning a Glass Coffee Pot with Small Openings

  • Fill the carafe with a vinegar solution
    Fill your glass carafe with equal parts water and white or apple cider vinegar. If you’re dealing with a particularly stubborn stain, you can increase the vinegar portion of the solution.
  • Let solution sit for a few hours
    Let the solution sit in the carafe for at least a few hours or overnight. The vinegar solution is able to loosen up any built-up residue, allowing it to be easier to remove.
  • Scrub the interiors of the carafe
    Use a long-handled bottle brush to scrub the interior of the carafe. This is especially important for those with tiny openings, as a regular brush might not be able to reach inside.
  • Rinse thoroughly
    After scrubbing, rinse the carafe thoroughly with warm water. Be sure to rinse away any excess vinegar solution, as it can give your coffee an unpleasant taste if left behind.
  • Let air-dry or dry with a cloth
    Allow the glass carafe to air-dry or use a lint-free cloth to wipe away moisture.

Tips for Cleaning a Glass Coffee Pot with Small Openings

  • If you don’t have a long-handled brush, you can use a piece of cloth or rope to reach inside the carafe and give it a scrub.
  • You can also use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean your carafe.
  • After repeated cleanings, consider replacing your carafe.

Cleaning your glass carafe is an important part of making sure you get the best flavor in every cup of coffee. By following these steps and tips for how to clean a glass coffee pot with small openings, you’ll be able to keep your coffee tasting great.

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