how to clean cloudy glass coffee table

How to Clean a Cloudy Glass Coffee Table

Are you having trouble getting your cloudy glass coffee table to sparkle like new? Here are some tips to help you maximize its shine.

Materials Needed

  • White vinegar
  • Extra-fine steel wool pad
  • Soft cloth
  • Bucket
  • Mineral oil (optional)


  • Fill the bucket with white vinegar. Do not add water.
  • Dip the steel wool pad in the vinegar and scrub the glass top until it’s free of dirt and debris.
  • Rinse the glass top off with clean water.
  • Dry the glass top with a soft cloth.
  • If desired, apply a few drops of mineral oil with a soft cloth to create an added layer of shine.

These steps should help you get your glass coffee table clean and free of cloudiness. Be sure to use the proper tools and materials, and don’t forget to buff with a soft cloth for a glossy finish. Good luck!

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