how to clean bluestone coffee table

How to Clean a Bluestone Coffee Table

Bluestone coffee tables give a rustic and stylish look to any home. With regular care and maintenance, they can maintain their beautiful original look for years to come. Fortunately, cleaning them is easy, and with a few simple steps you can keep your bluestone coffee table looking its best.

Steps for Cleaning a Bluestone Coffee Table

  • Remove any dust and debris – Use a microfiber or lamb’s wool duster to remove any dirt or dust that has built up on the table.
  • Test the surface before cleaning – Take a damp cloth and lightly wipe an inconspicuous area of the table to make sure that your cleaning solution won’t cause any damage.
  • Make a cleaning solution – Mix a few drops of mild dish soap with 1 gallon of warm water in a bucket and stir until all of the soap has dissolved.
  • Wipe down the table – Dip a soft cloth into the solution and begin wiping down the table in a circular motion. Make sure to rinse the cloth often and wring out the excess water.
  • Let the table dry – Once the table is cleaned, grab a dry cloth and wipe down any remaining moisture from the surface.

Tips for Cleaning Bluestone Coffee Tables

  • Never use an abrasive cloth or harsh cleaning products, as this could cause scratches on the bluestone surface.
  • Wait for spills to dry before wiping them off, as this will make them easier to remove.
  • Try to avoid placing hot items on the surface of the bluestone table, as this could cause discolouration or other damage.
  • If there are any stubborn stains, use a soft, damp sponge with a mild detergent to remove them.

With these easy steps, you can keep your bluestone coffee table looking fresh and stunning. With regular cleanings, you can make sure your table remains beautiful for years to come.

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