how to clean a stained glass coffee carafe

How to Clean a Stained Glass Coffee Carafe

If you love coffee, a stained glass coffee carafe is a great way to keep your favorite drinks hot. Unfortunately, like all coffee vessels, coffee carafes can get stained over time. Here are some steps you can follow to get your carafe looking like new again:


  • Create a cleaning solution by mixing together equal parts of hot water and white vinegar
  • Gather your supplies: glass coffee carafe, cleaning solution, soft plastic or rubber scrub pad and a clean cloth


  • Soaking: Fill the carafe with some of the cleaning solution and let it soak overnight.
  • Scrubbing: In the morning, scrub the area around the lip of the glass with a plastic or rubber scrub pad. Scrub gently until all the build-up is removed.
  • Rinsing: Rinse the carafe with hot water to remove the cleaning solution. Make sure to rinse the inside of the carafe as well.


Once the carafe has been rinsed, dry it completely with a soft cloth. To prevent streaks, make sure to wipe in a circular motion.


When it comes to storage, it is best to leave the carafe empty and store the lid separately. This will help prevent any build-up in the future.

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