how to clean a glass coffee pot with vinegar

How to Clean a Glass Coffee Pot with Vinegar

It is important to clean a glass coffee pot regularly to keep it in tip-top shape. While most people reach for a store-bought detergent, you can use natural ingredients such as vinegar to do the job. Vinegar is a great cleaning agent and it is also very affordable. Here are the steps for how to clean a glass coffee pot with vinegar:

Step 1: Fill the Pot With Vinegar

Fill the coffee pot up with a solution of vinegar and water. The ratio should be 1/2 cup of white vinegar for every 2 cups of water. Swirl the solution around until it covers the entire inner side of your pot. Let the solution sit for about 15 minutes.

Step 2: Scrub Away the Residue

Once the solution has had a chance to penetrate any residue, use a sponge or cloth to gently scrub away any grime or build-up. You may need to use a bottle brush or a toothbrush to get into any tight corners.

Step 3: Rinse and Dry

Once you have finished scrubbing, pour out the vinegar solution and rinse the pot out with warm water. Then, dry it with a soft cloth or a paper towel. To remove any traces of vinegar, fill the pot with fresh, hot water and repeat the rinsing process. Finally, let your glass coffee pot air dry.

Tips to Clean Your Coffee Pot With Vinegar:

  • Avoid using steel wool or any other abrasive materials when scrubbing the coffee pot to avoid damaging the glass.
  • Be sure to clean the lid and spout as well, as they usually contain more build-up that can often be overlooked.
  • Keep the pot clean with mild dish soap or a natural cleaner, such as white vinegar and water, in order to avoid any build-up.

Cleaning a glass coffee pot is easy and can be done with a simple solution of vinegar and water. Not only is it affordable but it is also a effective way to ensure your pot is clean and free from any build-up. Follow these simple steps for how to clean a glass coffee pot with vinegar and you will have a fresh and clean pot in no time!

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