how to clean a glass coffee pot from burnt coffee

How to Clean a Glass Coffee Pot From Burnt Coffee

Making coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures, and it is made even better when your coffee tastes great. But sometimes burnt coffee can leave behind an unpleasant flavor and stick to the inside of your coffee pot. If you need to know how to clean a glass coffee pot from burnt coffee, here are some tips!

1. Rinse with Cold Water

The first step to removing burnt coffee from your glass coffee pot is to rinse it out with cold water. This will help remove any large pieces of coffee that may have burned and stuck to the sides.

2. Scrub with a Soft Spongy Brush

Once you have rinsed the coffee pot with cold water, you can use a soft spongy brush to scrub away any remaining traces of burnt coffee. Make sure to be gentle while scrubbing the pot, as you don’t want to scratch the glass!

3. Use Cleaning Solutions or Vinegar to Remove Stains

If you have stubborn stains that will not come off with a soft brush, you can try using cleaning solutions or white vinegar. Simply combine the cleaning solution or vinegar with water, pour it into the coffee pot, and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, you can scrub again with the soft brush until the stains are gone.

4. Rinse Thoroughly

Once you are done scrubbing and cleaning, make sure to rinse the coffee pot thoroughly with cold water. This will help remove any remaining cleaning solution or vinegar so that your coffee does not taste sour.

5. Let the Coffee Pot Dry

The last step is to make sure your coffee pot is completely dry. You can do this by letting it sit and air dry for an hour or two, or you can towel dry it.

Additional Tips

  • Avoid Putting Too Much Coffee in the Pot: Sticking to the recommended amount that is printed on the side of the pot can help you avoid burnt coffee.
  • Use Cold Water: Using cold water can also help prevent burnt coffee.
  • Regularly Clean: And finally, regular cleaning of your coffee pot can help maintain its appearance and keep it working efficiently.

By following these steps on how to clean a glass coffee pot from burnt coffee, you can get your coffee pot back to its former glory and enjoy that fresh cup of coffee you crave.

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