how to clean a glass coffee pot

Cleaning your Glass Coffee Pot

A glass coffee pot is the standard way to quickly make coffee and while the process of making the coffee is fairly simple, cleaning your pot afterwards can be a bit more of a challenge.

But with the right steps, you can easily keep your pot looking brand new. Here’s how to clean your glass coffee pot:

Step 1: Empty the Pot

Dump out any remaining coffee from the pot. Make sure to remove the lid and swirl the pot to get out any remaining liquid.

Step 2: Fill with Cleaning Solution

To clean the pot, fill it up with a solution of water and vinegar. Use a one-to-one ratio of water and vinegar for best results. Once the pot is filled, let it sit for about 10 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse with Warm Water

After the 10 minutes has expired, empty out the vinegar solution and rinse with warm water. Keep rinsing and swirling until you don’t see any residue. For stubborn stains, use a damp cloth with mild soap to scrub away the stain.

Step 4: Dry Completely

When you’re done cleaning, make sure to dry the pot completely before using again. You can do this using a soft cloth or a few sheets of paper towel.

Additional Tips

  • Scrub Gently. Be sure to avoid using harsh or abrasive tools or materials on the glass pot, as they can damage the pot.
  • Heat Up The Soap. If you’re having trouble scrubbing away stuck-on residue, try heating up the soapy water beforehand and let the pot sit in the hot water for a few minutes. This will help loosen up any remaining residue.
  • Let The Solution Sit. Don’t forget to let the vinegar solution sit for 10 minutes before rinsing. This will help the vinegar to effectively remove any residue or dirt.

Following these steps will help you easily maintain and clean your glass coffee pot. With a little bit of effort, your pot should look brand new for years to come.

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