how to clean a glass coffee carafe

How to Clean a Glass Coffee Carafe

A glass coffee carafe is an essential for a coffee aficionado as it gives an attractive way to serve guests and to store coffee. But coffee carafes need to be regularly cleaned in order to preserve it and keep it looking and functioning at its best.

Tools Needed

  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Warm water
  • Sponge
  • Soft brush, cloth, or paper towel

Cleaning Steps

  1. Remove any coffee grounds and residue. Pour any remaining coffee and grounds from the carafe into the sink. Using a damp cloth or paper towel, wipe down the outside and inside of the carafe.
  2. Wash with soap and water. Fill the carafe with warm water, add a drop of dishwashing detergent and swish the mixture around. Use a soft brush, cloth or paper towel to gently scrub away any remaining coffee residue. Drain the soapy water from the carafe and rinse thoroughly with water.
  3. Dry the carafe. Using a clean cloth or paper towel, wipe down the inside and outside of the carafe to dry. As an optional step, pour a half-cup of uncooked rice into the carafe and gently swirl it around. This will remove any lingering particles. Rinse and dry again before using the carafe.

When done properly and regularly, cleaning a glass coffee carafe will extend its life, help maintain the taste of your favorite coffee, and keep it looking like new.

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