how to choose right size coffee table

Choosing the Right Size Coffee Table: A Guide to the Perfect Coffee Table

When selecting a coffee table, size should be the first consideration. After all, it dictates the visual balance of your living room, determines how much usable space you have, and can create an elegant or cramped look. To help you find the right sized coffee table, here are some tips to consider:

Step 1: Measure the Space at Hand

Before you even start shopping, measure the area of your living room where the coffee table will be placed. Make sure to measure both the length and width to determine the table size and shape that best fits the room.

Step 2: Factor in the Seating and Furniture Around the Table

Ensure that the table you choose won’t be too big or too small for the room. It should be proportional to the sofas and chairs in the room. As a general rule of thumb, the coffee table should be two-thirds the length of the sofa, allowing plenty of room between the furniture. The table should also be even with the armrests, as it will provide an ideal balance and make your space feel more inviting.

Step 3: Choose the Shape and Material of the Table

Depending on the rest of your furniture, you should pick the right shape and material that best complements the rest of your décor. The traditional rectangular coffee table is usually the best option, but round and triangular tables also look great and give you more flexibility. As for materials, there are a range of options including wood, metal, and glass.

Step 4: Keep Height in Mind

Opt for a coffee table that’s roughly the same height as the arm of your sofa. If it’s too low, it will impair conversation and cramp the look of your living room; whereas if it’s too high, it may be difficult to reach for snacks or your drink.


By considering the size of the room and ensuring the coffee table is in balance with the other furniture, you can find the perfect table for your living room. Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to having a space you can be proud of!

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