how to child proof a glass coffee table

Childproofing Your Glass Coffee Table

Having a glass coffee table can provide an open, modern and airy feel to any room. Unfortunately, a glass table is just as susceptible to being damaged as other materials. To make sure that kids are safe and your coffee table remains unscathed, follow these steps to effectively childproof your glass coffee table.

Steps To Follow:

  • Put a Rug Under the Table: A rug gives the table’s legs solid grip on the floor and prevents slipping. Not only that, it also provides a cushion if kids run into or fall on the table.
  • Secure the Edges: Secure any loose edges or corners on the glass table. A table with corners too sharp can cause injury to kids.
  • Create a Stable Base: Ensure the table’s base is stable and strong enough to hold the weight of the glass top.
  • Buy a Cover: Buying a strong table cover or protective blanket for the glass top will ensure kids do not cause damage to it.

Following these four steps will help keep your glass coffee table childproof and safe for kids. Not only will you enjoy the visual appearance of your glass coffee table but you can feel confident that everyone in the house is safe while enjoying its presence.

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