how to child proof a glass coffee table

How to Child Proof a Glass Coffee Table

With its simple construction and open style, a glass coffee table can be a beautiful addition to your home. However, when considering the safety of your children, unrestrained glass pieces can be a hazard. Read on for tips on how to best secure your glass coffee table for the safety of all.

Attach the Table to the Wall

The best way to secure your glass table is to attach it to the wall, ensuring it won’t be toppled over. You can do this by using strong screws and installing a secure wall mount.

Choose a Round Table

If you cannot, or do not wish to, attach your coffee table to the wall, choose a different style. Round and less rectangular shapes are ideal, as they have fewer concentrated points of contact with the floor. This means the table is less likely to fall over.

Secure It with Heavy Furniture

You can secure your glass table with heavier pieces of furniture that prevent tipping and allow more stability. This can include chairs around the table, or a heavier sofa behind it.

Cushion Those Corners

In addition to being dangerous to tip, glass coffee tables can also be dangerous if children bump into them. To reduce the risk of injury it is important to cushion the sharp corners. You can achieve this by utilizing clamps, bumpers, and wrap-arounds.

Reduce Table Height

To avoid the table becoming top-heavy, lower the height. While this might not make it much safer for children, it does reduce the chances of the table tipping over.

Utilize Sticky Pads

Sticky pads can be added to the feet of the glass table to prevent slipping and reduce the likelihood of tipping. However, when used around children please ensure these pads are not dangerous to touch and do not leave residue when removed.

Child-proofing your coffee table with these simple and efficient tasks can ensure the safety of your children and peace of mind. With these tips and preparation your glass coffee table can be a secure and beautiful addition to your home.

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