how to child proof a glass coffee table

Child Proofing your Glass Coffee Table

Decorating with glass furniture, such as a glass coffee table, can be an attractive style choice. As an added bonus, glass material provides an illusion of more space. That said, homeowners with children need to be extra cautious before bringing a glass coffee table into the home. To make sure you’re properly childproofing, follow these tips:

Use corner guards

When it comes to glass coffee tables, the corners are the most dangerous. You may want to think about buying corner guards (also known as corner bumpers) that can be installed or suction cupped to the corners of your glass table. Corner guards padding can often be found in most baby stores.

Place the table in a room that children don’t frequent

If possible, avoid having children in the same room as your glass coffee table. Placing the table in an area where your children don’t frequent, such as an office or a formaal dining room, can help minimize the risk of injury to any glass item.

Add rugs and carpeting

Carpet, area rugs, and furniture pads all provide cushioning in case a child falls against the glass table. We suggest having some kind of carpet covering the floor next to the table and having rugs around the entire room to help prevent any serious injuries.

Get a glass table with safety tabs

Glass furniture manufacturers now make tables with safety tabs that are designed to keep the glass in place in case of an accident. If you can afford one, choose to buy a glass coffee table with safety tabs instead of one without.

Make sure your glass table is well-ventilated

Poorly ventilated areas like corner nooks, where the glass table is backed to a wall, can cause headaches and nausea when hot glass is exposed to bad air. Make sure you provide plenty of ventilation around your glass table by leaving enough open space between walls, windows, and other furniture.

At the end of the day, no amount of childproofing can guarantee a safe environment for your glass coffee table. As a parent, it’s important to be hyper-vigilant when it comes to watching your children’s movements around the house, especially when near any potential hazard.

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