how to child proof a glass coffee table

Child-proofing Your Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables provide not only an attractive centerpiece in your living room or family room, but also give a sense of spaciousness to the room. Unfortunately, young children can be vulnerable to their sharp edges and can knock over objects placed on the table. To prevent potential injuries, take the following steps to child-proof your glass coffee table.

Cover the Edges

To soften the edges of the glass table, cover them with cushioned bumpers or another type of soft fabric. Attach each bumper to the edge of the table with Velcro or a similar product that won’t damage the glass. Alternatively, protect the table with a soft blanket or towel to cover the sharp edges, or replace the glass table with a wooden or plastic one.

Reducing Potential Hazards

To further reduce potential hazards, avoid using glass sculptures and other decorations that may shatter or harm children if knocked over. Place the table away from the kids’ play area, if possible. Keep the items on the table to a minimum to prevent overloading, and avoid storing items underneath the table.

Choosing Appropriate Materials

Try to choose non-fragile items that are appropriate for children. For example, use coasters made with materials such as wood or cork to protect the glass, and use placemats that won’t slide off the table. Place books and magazines at least a foot away from the edges of the table, as they can be heavy and cause the table to tip.

Cleaning the Table

Be sure to clean up spills immediately to prevent slippage and avoid using cleaners that can be harmful to children or leave behind residue or fumes.

By following these simple steps, you can feel secure knowing your children are safe when around your glass coffee table. With these tips, you can child-proof your glass coffee table and enjoy the beauty and space it provides your home.

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