how to child proof a glass coffee table

How to Child Proof a Glass Coffee Table

When a new addition joins any family, parents and guardians must think of ways to make their homes safe and secure. Even if your glass coffee table looks stylish, it still has the potential to be a hazard to curious toddlers. Before your little ones start getting into places they shouldn’t, here are some ways to child proof your glass coffee table.

Measure and Add Bumpers

Bumpers will protect children from getting injured due to contact with the edges of your glass coffee table. First, measure the sides of your table so that you know the exact size to get for the bumpers. Make sure the bumpers are made with materials that are designed for child proofing such as rubber or foam.

Add Corner Padding

In addition to bumpers, you can use corner padding to further protect your glass coffee table. Corner padding works similarly to bumpers, except they go over each corner of your coffee table to prevent injuries from direct contact. However, keep in mind that corner padding may not be as strong as bumpers, so you may need to replace them more frequently.

Buy a Table Protector

A table protector is a great way to protect your glass coffee table from any accidents that may occur. The protector is typically made of fabric or a plastic cover that can be placed on the glass coffee table. It helps to keep the dirt and liquids away from the table while also providing a secure environment for your little ones.

Replace with a Kid-Friendly Table

If all else fails, then consider replacing your glass coffee table with a kid-friendly one. There are many different options available such as wooden, plastic, or metal tables. These tables can be designed with child-safe edges and shapes to further protect your children from any accidental injuries.


Overall, child proofing your glass coffee table is an important step to take in creating a safe home environment for your children. Whether it’s adding bumpers, corner padding, buying a table protector, or replacing it entirely with a kid-friendly table, any of these solutions can help protect your children from accidents.

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