how to buy the right size coffee table

How to Buy the Right Size Coffee Table

Buying the right size coffee table is one of the most important aspects of furnishing a room and can be a tricky process. Here are some useful tips to help you find the perfect size table for your home.

Step 1: Measure the Space

Before you begin your search, the first thing you should do is measure the area where you want to place the coffee table. Make sure you measure the length, width and height. You’ll need this information to help guide your search and ensure the coffee table fits snugly within the area you have.

Step 2: Consider the Style

The next step is to consider the style of the room. For instance, if your room is modern, a sleek glass table might be a good option. If it’s a more traditional style, then a solid wood table might fit better. Think about the other pieces you already own and how the table will work with them.

Step 3: Look at Different Sizes

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection by taking into account your room’s style, you can start to look at different sizes of tables. The size of the table should take into account the size of the area you have to work with. Make sure there is enough room to move around and have adequate seating.

Step 4: Make Sure It’s Stable

When you are trying to pick the perfect size coffee table, make sure it’s stable. Look for a table with balanced feet and wide legs. This will help it stay in place and provide a comfortable, even surface for your items.

Step 5: Get the Right Height

Lastly, consider the height of the table. The ideal height for a coffee table is about the same as the cushion height of your couch or chairs. This makes it easy to set items down and also helps to create a comfortable seating area.

Tips for Buying the Right Size Coffee Table:

  • Measure the space before you shop
  • Consider the style of your room
  • Look at different sizes to make sure it fits
  • Make sure it’s stable
  • Get the right height

By following these easy steps, you can find the perfect size coffee table for your home. With the right measurements and a bit of research, you’ll be sure to find the perfect piece that adds function and style to your space.

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