how to build wine barrel coffee table

How to Build a Wine Barrel Coffee Table

Remodeling the interior of your living room has never been easier, thanks to the unique and stylish furniture pieces you can make from salvaged Wine Barrels! A Wine Barrel Coffee Table is a great way to bring a touch of rustic elegance to your home. Here’s how to build your own beautiful Wine Barrel Coffee Table:

Materials Needed:

  • 1 full size Wine Barrel
  • Carpenter’s saw
  • 1 piece of ¾-inch plywood
  • 1 piece of 5/8 inch dowel
  • 2 metal corner brackets
  • Wood screws


  1. Cut top planks off of the barrel: With the carpenter’s saw, carefully cut the first two planks off the barrel. The plank should be measured so it fits the plywood top.
  2. Drill holes in the top: Measure and mark four holes, evenly spaced, on the underside of the plywood top. Using a drill and 5/8 inch bit, drill four holes for dowel placement.
  3. Attach top and barrel body: Place dowel into top holes and place on top of barrel body. Use wood screws to secure the barrel and top together.
  4. Fasten legs: Measure and mark four points for the legs. Attach the metal corner brackets to the barrel body. Make sure the legs are even and level.


Now that you’ve built the perfect Wine Barrel Coffee Table, you can show it off to your guests. Get ready to receive compliments on your stylish and rustic new addition to your living room!

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