how to build puffed coffee table

How to Build a Puffed Coffee Table

For a unique and stylish addition to your living room décor, why not create a puffed coffee table? It is often much easier to make than you might think and the results are beautiful. Follow the steps below and you will have a puffed coffee table in no time.


  • One sheet of 3/4″ plywood
  • Two pieces of 1/4″ plywood – one for the top, one for the bottom
  • Enough padding (typically foam) to cover the coffee table in its entirety
  • A wide selection of fabric
  • A standard sewing machine or hand sewing kit


  • Measure the space where the coffee table will be placed and then use a saw to cut the 3/4″ plywood to the desired length and width. This will become the frame of the table.
  • Cut the 1/4″ plywood so both pieces fit perfectly over the frame as the top and bottom of the table. Secure them in place with glue.
  • Cut the padding to the desired size for the internal part of the table. This can either be in one large piece, or multiple smaller sections. Make sure that the padding covers the entire internal portion of the table.
  • Choose your desired fabric and use your sewing machine or hand sewing kit to cover the padding completely.
  • Lay the fabric covered padding on top of the frame, ensuring that it fits perfectly. Secure it in place with a staple gun.
  • Carefully lay the fabric-covered top and bottom plywood on top of the frame, once again securing them in place with a staple gun.
  • Your puffed coffee table is now ready to be used.

That’s it, it’s really quite straightforward! Making a puffed coffee table is a great way to liven up the look and feel of your living room – and you can take pride in having made it yourself.

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