how to build an outdoor coffee table

Building An Outdoor Coffee Table

A coffee table is a great addition to any outdoor living area, providing a perfect place to set down drinks, books, and other items. If you don’t have a ready-made coffee table to fit your needs, building one yourself is a budget-friendly option. Here’s how you can make your own outdoor coffee table:

Materials You Need

  • Wood: Choose either a softwood, such as redwood or cedar, or hardwood, such as oak or teak.
  • Saw: Circular saw, table saw, or hand saw.
  • Screws: Choose both flathead screws and structural screws.
  • Glue: Wood glue or epoxy.
  • Finishing materials: Stain, sealer, or paint.

Step-By-Step Building Instructions

  • Cut all your wood pieces to size according to your plans.
  • Position your pieces on a flat surface where you can work. Make sure that all pieces are level and square.
  • Glue the pieces together and let them dry.
  • Drill holes into each of the wood pieces where you will be using screws. Make sure the holes are the same size as the screws you will use.
  • Position each piece where it needs to go and then secure them with the screws.
  • Sand down any rough edges, and make sure the entire surface of the table is smooth.
  • Finish your table with a stain, sealer, or paint of your choice. Let the finish completely dry before using the table.


Building an outdoor coffee table is a great way to add style and convenience to your outdoor living area. Use the steps outlined above to get started on your own outdoor coffee table project. And don’t forget to add some decoration and personal touches to make it truly unique.

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