how to build a wooden coffee table

Building a Wooden Coffee Table

Having a beautiful wooden piece of furniture is an affordable and worthwhile idea. This can easily be accomplished by making a wooden coffee table. Here is how you can build one.

Materials Required

  • Wood: You’ll need enough planks of wood to assemble for the table top and leg frames
  • Drill: To drill screw holes
  • Wood screws: To fasten pieces of wood together
  • Hardware: To attach the leg frames to the table top
  • Finish: To seal and protect the wooden coffee table


  1. Lay out the planks of wood that you plan to use for the table top. Arrange them to fit the shape and size you want your table top to be. Make sure to leave room on the sides to attach the leg frames.
  2. Drill evenly spaced holes in the edge of the assembled planks. Use the drill bit that matches the diameter of the screws.
  3. Screw the pieces of wood together using the wood screws and a cordless drill.
  4. Build the leg frames for the coffee table using the same planks of wood used for the table top. Assemble them using the same process as described in step 2.
  5. Attach the leg frames to the underside of the table top with the appropriate hardware. Make sure they are securely fastened.
  6. Apply a layer of finish to the table top and leg frames. This will help protect the wood and give it a beautiful finish.

That’s it! You now have a beautiful wooden coffee table that you can proudly display in your home. Enjoy!

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