how to build a v8 engine coffee table

How to Build a V8 Engine Coffee Table

You can now turn an old V8 engine into an interesting conversation piece for your living room, with a customized V8 engine coffee table. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1.

  • Choose the right engine for building your V8 Engine Coffee Table. Look for an old car engine that incorporates both style and substance. The engine should be large enough to handle your desired table design.

Step 2.

  • Prepare the engine for transforming into a V8 engine coffee table. Remove all the spark plugs, manifold vacuum, hoses, belts and filters, and clean the engine thoroughly.

Step 3.

  • Find the right table frame. The frame should be strong and durable enough to support the engine and hold up the table. Consider using an old metal frame or even an automotive frame.

Step 4.

  • Assemble the table frame and engine. Attach the engine to the frame securely, and make sure the weight is even on both sides of the table. You may wish to drill holes in the frame in order to secure the engine.

Step 5.

  • Add the finishing touches. Embellish your V8 engine coffee table with polished metal, chrome and other trimmings. Find a suitable glass top, sand it down and seal it with a glossy finish. Finish of your engine table with sleek legs, such as chrome or stainless steel.

With the right materials and tools, you can create an awesome V8 engine coffee table that will be sure to turn heads. Have fun and get creative with your design!

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