how to build a small glass coffee table

Steps in Making a Small Glass Coffee Table

A small glass coffee table can add a contemporary feel to any living space and be an affordable decorative accent piece. If you want to make your own, there are a few steps to take:

1. Measure and cut the wood pieces

You’ll need to measure and cut each wood piece to correspond with the design you have in mind. It’s important to be precise in this step so that all pieces fit together later.

2. Assemble the legs

Assemble the legs for the table. Use strong wood glue and nails or screws to securely attach the pieces.

3. Measure and cut the glass

Next, measure and cut the glass to fit the size and shape of your table. Be sure to use a glass cutting tool to minimize potential injury.

4. Attach the legs to the frame

Attach the legs to the frame of the table. Again, secure the pieces with strong wood glue or nails/screws.

5. Place the glass on the table

Use a sealant around the edges of the frame to hold the glass securely in place. Once the sealant has dried, place the glass overtop and your table is finished!

Additional Tips:

  • Wear protective gear: goggles, gloves and a dust mask when cutting wood and glass.
  • Ask a professional: if you’re unsure of how to safely cut glass, consider asking a professional.
  • Safety first: handle glass carefully and gently and always give it plenty of space to rest.

Follow these steps and you’ll have a stylish and contemporary small glass coffee table in no time!

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