how to build a small glass coffee table

Building a Small Glass Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a great addition to your home. Whether you need somewhere to put your books or just want an interesting centerpiece, a glass coffee table is simple to make and can look great. Here’s how to build a small glass coffee table:

1. Gather Your Supplies

Before beginning, you’ll need to pick up a few supplies. Make sure you have:

  • Glass – at least 11mm thick
  • Table legs
  • Screws
  • Ruler and measuring tape
  • Silicone sealant
  • White spirit
  • Rawl plugs

2. Cut the Glass

Measure the area you want the table to occupy and mark it onto the glass with a marker pen. Then use a ruler to draw the lines of the rectangle.

Unlike other materials, cutting glass must be done with a specialist tool called a glass cutter. Trace the lines of the rectangle onto the cutter, making sure to make an even line.

Apply pressure to the cutter as you pass over the lines of the rectangle. This will score the lines that you need to cut.

Find a flat surface for the glass and hold it there. Make sure the rectangle is at the edge and directly below the score lines.

Firmly snap the glass along the score marks. Once snapped, the rectangle should easily separate from the rest of the glass.

3. Attach the Legs

Take all your legs and attach them to the underside of the glass rectangle.

To fit these properly, use the rawl plugs and screws. This should ensure the legs are firmly in place.

4. Secure the Glass

Once all the legs are fully attached, it is a good idea to secure the corners of the glass rectangle to the legs.

Use a silicone sealant and place it evenly on the edges of the glass rectangle. Take the sealant down onto the legs so that the glass is securely attached.

Once the sealant has attached to the legs, it can be helpful to use white spirit to clean off any excess sealant around the corners.

5. Enjoy Your Furniture!

Once all the steps are completed, enjoy your new small glass coffee table! Depending on the look you were wanting, you can also decorate with items like books and plants. With that, your small glass coffee table is complete and ready for use.

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