how to build a simple storage coffee table

How To Build a Simple Storage Coffee Table

Having a coffee table that has multiple uses is an excellent way to make the most of a space. Making your own simple storage coffee table is not as hard as it may seem. Here is a guide to help you make one.

What You’ll Need

  • Wood (enough to make a top and sides)
  • Wood screws of various lengths
  • Wood saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Drill
  • Wood glue

Steps to Take

  1. Measure – Measure out the top and sides of the table. Cut the pieces of wood to size.
  2. Saw notches – Use the saw to make two notches near the edges of the top piece. These will be used to fit the two side pieces.
  3. Drill – Use the drill to make several holes in the side pieces. These will be used to attach the legs.
  4. Glue – Apply wood glue to the notches you cut and attach the side pieces. Let the glue dry for at least 24 hours.
  5. Screw – Use the screws to attach the legs to the sides. Make sure you pre-drill the holes.
  6. Sandpaper – Once the table is assembled, use sandpaper to make sure all the edges are smooth and splinter-free.


It is not hard to make a simple storage coffee table. All it takes is a bit of measuring, sawing, drilling, gluing and screwing, and you will have a beautiful multi-use table that you can be proud of.

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