how to build a mid century coffee table

How to Build a Mid Century Coffee Table

Coffee tables are an important part of any furniture collection. Whether you’re looking for a modern or timeless style, a mid-century coffee table can add an iconic touch to any room. Here are a few steps to help you build your own mid-century coffee table.

Gather Materials

To get started, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Wood sheets – enough to create the table top and the legs
  • Screws and other hardware – to attach the legs to the table top
  • Sandpaper – for smoothing out any rough edges
  • Wood glue – to seal the joints between the pieces of wood
  • Paint or stain – to give the table the desired finish
  • Finishing wax – to make the surface of the table shine and protect it from damage

Construct the Table Top

Once you have all the materials, it’s time to assemble the table top. Start by cutting the wood sheets to the right size. Then, use screws to secure them together. If you want to add a bit of design, you can use a router or other tools to create shapes in the wood. Use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges and apply wood glue to seal the joints.

Create the Legs

Next, you’ll need to create the legs for the table. Start by cutting the wood to the desired shape. You can use a jigsaw or a bandsaw to make the curves. You can also use a drill to add holes for screws or nails. Use sandpaper to smooth out the edges and apply wood glue to seal the joints.

Attach the Legs

Once the legs are finished, it’s time to attach them to the table top. Use screws or nails to secure the legs in place. Make sure that everything is level and secure.

Finishing Touches

Now that the table is assembled, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Start by applying paint or stain to give the table the desired look. When the paint or stain is dry, apply a finishing wax to make the surface shine. This will also help to protect the table from damage.

Enjoy Your Table

Your mid-century coffee table is now ready to be enjoyed. Along with being a great conversation starter, it will help to bring a timeless and timelessly stylish feel to any room. Enjoy!

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