how to build a log coffee table

How To Build A Log Coffee Table

The rustic look of a log coffee table can be both colourful and timeless, giving the perfect addition to any décor. Building your own log coffee table is a great project for the home DIYer, even with basic carpentry skills.

Tools and Materials

  • Tools: jigsaw, drill, circular saw, hand saw, tape measure, drill bits, sandpaper, and level
  • Materials: log split in 3,” thick slices, small pieces of scrap lumber, wood glue, screws, finish of your choice


  • Choosing The Logs – Choose three logs of similar size and diameter for the table top. Logs that contain knots and dark-colored wood are excellent for creating a rustic look.
  • Prepping The Logs – Use a jigsaw to split the logs in 3,” slices. Make sure that each slice is even along its length and that the bottom surface is flat.Sand them down with sandpaper to get rid of any rough-cut edges.
  • Arranging The Logs – Arrange the logs until you achieve a desired pattern, making sure that they fit evenly together. You may need to trim or cut some of the logs to make them fit together.
  • Attaching The Logs – Apply wood glue to the edges of the logs before attaching them together with screws. Make sure that you pre-drill the holes for the screws to avoid splitting the logs.
  • Creating The Base – Create a base for the coffee table using scrap lumber and wood glue. Use the circular saw to cut the lumber to the desired size. Use the level to make sure that the base is even.
  • Attaching The Base – Once the base is completed, use wood glue and screws to attach the logs to the base from the underside. Make sure to pre-drill the holes for the screws to prevent splitting the logs.
  • Finishing The Table – Allow the glue to dry before applying a finish to the logs. You may choose to use a stain to color the logs or to apply a sealant to protect them.


Building a log coffee table is a great way to add a rustic touch to any living space. With basic carpentry skills and access to some tools, you can build your own log coffee table in no time. Start by choosing the logs and prepping them, then arrange and attach them to the base. Finally, finish the table by applying a stain or sealant. Enjoy your new log coffee table!

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