how to build a hidden gun coffee table

How to Build a Hidden Gun Coffee Table

If you’re looking for a way to keep your gun safe and secure in your home, look no further than building a hidden gun coffee table. This DIY project is simple and cost-effective, as you can use common materials found at local hardware stores. Follow these steps to build this unique piece of furniture that will serve as both a functional table and secure gun storage.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

To successfully build the table, you’ll need to acquire the following materials:

  • Wood or metal for the frame
  • Four metal angle irons
  • Wooden dowels
  • Wood screws
  • Table top of desired material
  • Gun safe
  • Hinges
  • Locks
  • Paint and sealant

Step 2: Construct the Frame

Start by constructing the basic frame of the table. Cut the wood or metal to the desired size and shape according to the measurements of the gun safe. Next, attach the four metal angle irons to the corners for extra stability. Make sure the angle irons are securely fastened. Once the frame is assembled, add the wooden dowels for extra strength and for aesthetic appeal.

Step 3: Attach the Top and Gun Safe

Now that the frame is done, it’s time to attach the top. Select the desired material for the top, such as wood or glass, and secure it to the frame with wood screws. Place the gun safe inside the table and attach it to the frame with the frame screws. Make sure the gun safe is snug and secure then clamp the hinges to the lid of the gun safe and the top of the table.

Step 4: Add the Locks and Final Touches

Now that the table is assembled, use the locks to secure the gun safe. If desired, add a decorative element to the table such as paint, stains, or sealants. Finally, add sturdy legs to the underside of the table and enjoy your completed Gun Coffee Table!

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