how to build a hidden gun coffee table

How to Build a Hidden Gun Coffee Table

A hidden gun coffee table is an ingenious way to maintain the comfort of the space while keeping firearms out of the hands of curious children. It combines the functional storage of a gun safe with the aesthetic of an ordinary living room furniture. Building your own hidden gun coffee table is not as difficult as it may seem, as long as you have the right materials and tools.


  • Target/ Gun Safe: This is the center of your hidden gun coffee table, and should be sized to fit your firearm(s).
  • Table Top: Choose a table top from materials that coordinate with your style and space. Plywood, glass and ceramic are all good choices.
  • Table Legs: Continue the look of your space with the legs of your gun coffee table. Steel and wood are both good options depending on the style you prefer.
  • Hardware: You’ll need basic hardware to attach the legs to the table top, as well as hinges and a latch for the gun safe.


  • Power Drill: You’ll need this to drill holes for the table legs and the gun safe latch.
  • Circular Saw: Be sure to check the dimensions of the gun safe when deciding on the size of the table top.
  • Screwdriver: If you don’t already have a screwdriver, be sure to buy one to tighten the hardware.
  • Sander: This will smooth out the edges of your table and create a polished look.


  • Measure the dimensions of the gun safe and cut your table top accordingly.
  • Drill holes for the table legs on the underside of the table top.
  • Attach the legs to the table top with the corresponding hardware.
  • Sand the edges of the table for a polished look.
  • Attach the gun safe to the table top with hinges and a latch.

Building a hidden gun coffee table is a relatively straightforward process. Be sure to follow safety precautions when operating the power tools. Enjoy your stylish, functional furniture piece!

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