how to build a gun safe coffee table

Building a Gun Safe Coffee Table

Do you want somewhere to store your guns while still having a stylish and practical piece of furniture? A gun safe coffee table may be the perfect solution. Here are the steps to building your own.

Tools and Supplies

You’ll need the following in order to build your gun safe coffee table:

  • Lumber for the table frame, including mitered corners and wood glue
  • Table top panel for the table surface made out of plywood or particle board
  • Wood screws to attach the panel to the frame
  • Gun safe – medium to large size
  • Hinges
  • Chisel

Building the Table Frame

First, measure and cut the lumber for the frame of the table. Assemble the frame using mitered corners and wood glue – this will help ensure a sturdy and rigid table.

Attaching the Table Surface Panel

Next, attach the plywood or particle board panel to the frame with wood screws. Be sure to countersink them so the screws are even with the surface of the wood.

Trimming and Attaching the Gun Safe

After the panel is attached, you can then place the gun safe at the center of the table to begin modifying the table frame. Using a chisel, trim the frame so the gun safe fits snugly in the center. Once you have the dimensions to your liking, mark the area where the hinges will be placed. Attach the hinges to the table frame and the gun safe and make sure everything is aligned properly.

Finishing the Table

At this point, your gun safe coffee table is almost finished. All that’s left is to finish the wood with a wood sealant or paint to protect it from moisture.

Once you’re done, you can begin enjoying your stylish, functional, and secure gun safe coffee table.

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