how to build a fish tank coffee table

How to Build a Fish Tank Coffee Table

Turn a simple fish tank into a stylish and unique piece of furniture with this fish tank coffee table tutorial. With a little bit of DIY skill and patience you can own an amazing aquatic masterpiece for your living room!

What You Will Need

  • Fish Tank: Choose the right size tank for your table.
  • Stand: You will need to either construct one or buy one.
  • Tabletop: Acquire some tempered glass to fit the tank size.
  • Filtration System: This is important for the health of your fish.

Construction Steps

  1. Build the stand first. You will need to sturdy enough to hold the tank.
  2. Place the tank on the stand, then measure and cut the table top pieces.
  3. Attach the table top to the stand with screws.
  4. Install the filter system and set up the tank.
  5. Add the gravel, plants, decorations, and any special substrate.
  6. Carefully place the tempered glass over the tank and secure it with clips or screws.


Make sure you clean the tank regularly and do regular water changes. Monitor the temperature and adjust accordingly. Feed your fish the proper diet, and always test the water for Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate.

Creating a fish tank coffee table is a great way to add a unique piece of furniture to your home and let your fishy friends enjoy living in style!

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