how to build a factory cart coffee table

Instructions On How To Build A Factory Cart Coffee Table

Required Supplies:

  • Two 2x6x10 boards
  • One 2x4x8 board
  • 2” nails
  • Helical saw
  • Electric drill and drill bits
  • Casters


  1. Cut two 2x6x10 boards into two equal and identical lengths that will serve as the side boards of the coffee table. Make sure that the boards are even and precise for the desired outcome.
  2. Cut the 2x4x8 board in two equal length that will act as the middle support piece and ends of the cart. Make sure that the boards are of precise length for the desired outcome.
  3. Place the two side boards at a perpendicular angle on the floor. Make sure the edges are even.
  4. Attach the two end pieces to the side boards. Pre-drill the holes, apply glue and then use the 2” nails to attach the parts together. Use clamps to keep the boards in place while the glue sets.
  5. Place the casters at the bottom corners of the cart. Drill a hole and attach it firmly with 2” nails.
  6. Use the helical saw to make a table top, or you can use any material of your choice to make the top. Place the top on the cart frame.
  7. That’s it, the factory cart coffee table is ready.


Building a factory cart coffee table is an easy and fun project. This interesting piece can be a great addition to any room and a great way to use up some supplies from your store. Make sure to follow all the instructions and use the right tools for the job for the desired outcome. Happy Building!

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