how to build a display coffee table

How to Build a Display Coffee Table

The perfect way to combine functionality and style is to build a display coffee table. Perfect for both storing and displaying your favorite things, a display coffee table helps keep your living room organized and full of life. Here’s what you’ll need to do to build the perfect display coffee table:

Tools and Materials

  • Table saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer
  • Wood glue
  • Wood
  • Screws/Nails
  • Sandpaper
  • Hinges and Latches (optional)

Step One: Measure the table space

Before you build and begin the assembly of the coffee table, it’s important to determine the size and space you need to work with. Measure the desk surface, width, and size of the space in your living room. You can then determine the size of your table and any additional accessories.

Step Two: Cut the wood

Once you have all the measurements, it’s time to start cutting the wood. Using a table saw, cut your wood pieces to the size and shape you calculated in step one. For an extra level of durability and sturdiness, use wood glue when attaching the pieces together.

Step Three: Assemble the frame

Now that you have your wood pieces cut and shaped, it’s time to assemble the frame. Take your four basic legs and two side pieces and connect them. If you want an extra level of security when assembling, use screws or nails wherever possible.

Step Four: Add the top

Once the frame is complete, it’s time to add the top. Cut the board to the size specified in step one and attach it to the desktop frame. You can use screws or nails for added sturdiness. Once the top is in place, fill any gaps with wood glue to make it seamless.

Step Five: Finishing Touches

The last few steps involve adding the finishing touches. Sand down any rough spots, stain the wood to match your room, and add any hardware such as hinges, latches, or knobs. You can make the table more interesting by adding shelves, drawers, or some beautiful decorations.

You’re All Set!

Once all of the steps are complete, your display coffee table is ready for use. You can start displaying your favorite books, vases, and other items on the newly built table. Enjoy your new living room centerpiece for years to come!

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