how to build a coffin coffee table

How to Build a Coffin Coffee Table

Are you looking for a unique conversation piece for your home? With a little bit of effort, you can build your very own coffin coffee table. Check out the steps below to get started:

Gather Tools and Materials

  • Tools: saw, drill, jigsaw, sander, tape measure, pencil, screws
  • Materials: 2 by 4s, plywood, coffin, screws, stain/finish of choice

Cut the wood pieces

Cut the 2 by 4’s into four pieces that are the same length as the coffin. Then, cut the plywood into 4 pieces that will serve to attach the 2 by 4’s, making sure the corners all match.

Attach pieces

Using screws, attach the 2 by 4’s to the plywood pieces until a square or rectangle frame is created.

Position and attach the frame

Position the frame on the top of the coffin and drill into the coffin lid and frame. Pre-drill the holes in the coffin and frame to prevent damaging the surface. Attach the frame to the coffin using screws.

Stain and finish

Sand down the surface of the frame, coffin, and plywood. Next, apply the desired stain and finish to the frame and coffin. Allow adequate drying time.

Table is complete!

You’ve now completed your one-of-a-kind coffin coffee table. Enjoy your unique piece for years to come!

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