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How to Build a Coffee Table on Youtube

Do you have an unsightly pile of clutter on your living room floor and nothing to put it on? If so, why not build a coffee table? Building a coffee table is an easy weekend project that can be accomplished with basic tools and supplies from your local hardware store. With help from Youtube, you can learn how to make a sturdy, beautiful coffee table that will take your living space to the next level.

Steps to Building a Coffee Table on Youtube

  • Step 1: Assemble Your Supplies. Before you begin your project, make sure you’ve gathered all the materials you need. You’ll need a table top, four legs, screws, drill, saw, sandpaper, a ruler, clamps, and wood glue.
  • Step 2: Cut the Wood. Take the measurements of the length, width, and height you’d like your coffee table to be. Then take the wooden pieces, such as the table top and legs, and use the saw to cut them to size. Make sure to measure twice and cut once.
  • Step 3: Sand and Smooth the Wood. Use the sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges or splinters from sawing. This will make the wood look neater and also make the wood pieces less dangerous for handling.
  • Step 4: Join the Pieces. Take the four legs and attach them to the table top using the drill and screws. If you’d like, you can add some wood glue along the sides to strengthen the joint.
  • Step 5: Smooth. To make the surface of the table top look smoother and more professional, use the sandpaper to sand the surface of the wood one last time.
  • Step 6: Check Out Youtube Videos for Step-by-Step Instructions. If you’d like to watch a video that walks you through the steps of building a coffee table, get on YouTube and search for “how to build a coffee table.” There are many helpful YouTube videos that guide you through the entire process.


Building a coffee table on your own is a rewarding project that can spruce up your living space. With the help of YouTube, the process becomes even simpler. All you need is the right tools, materials, and a few hours of your time. Once you build one coffee table, you’ll be an expert in no time and ready to take on new projects!

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